Eleven Ways to Show Gratitude for Abundance

1. Enhance Your Surroundings with Visual Beauty

Adding visual beauty to your surroundings can lift your mood and increase feelings of abundance. And it is great for your wellbeing and personal growth. Consider fresh flowers, decluttering, and incorporating images that bring you peace into everyday items.

2. Dress for Success

No, this doesn’t mean wearing a power-suit, or whatever is most fashionable in women’s business wear today. We’re talking specifically about Yoga clothing!

Everyone will tell you, “wear comfortable clothing”. What they don’t seem to do is remind you that you are going to be trying out a variety of different poses, and—contrary to all those elegant yoga site photos—probably working up a visible sweat, if you’re brand new to it.

DO wear moisture-wicking, breathable clothes (PARTICULARLY sensible, cotton underwear—no lacy nylon); and if you wear shorts, make sure they are neither too tight/short, nor so loose that your mat-mates behind you get treated to more than they wanted to see!

Ditto tops. If you wear open back or loose tops, make sure that you have a well-fitting, no-nonsense Sports bra on underneath.

3. Incorporate Color Therapy into Your Life

Color has been shown to enhance mood … or knock it down. If you’re most comfortable hiding in dark, dull colors, that’s okay … but now is your perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and wear gorgeous, rich, and vibrant colors to boost your mood.

Color has a powerful effect on our moods. Experiment with vibrant colors, including neon shades, to lift your mood and enhance feelings of gratitude. Consider using color in other areas of your life too.

4. Practice Gratitude First Thing in the Morning and Before Bed

Start and end your day with gratitude by identifying three things you’re grateful for each morning and evening. This practice can help you develop a habit of mindfulness.

5. Use Gratitude to Heal Relationships

No matter how angry you are with someone, don’t go to bed without thinking about, finding, and telling them something you love about them.

6. Find Small Things You Take for Granted

Sometimes the things we should be most grateful for, we miss. Instead, we take them for granted.

We often take things for granted without realizing their significance. Taking note of these small details in our lives can increase our appreciation for the world around us.

7. Volunteer Your Time

Nothing helps us see our blessings more clearly than volunteering to help those who are in pain. Nothing helps us love others more than working with others for a common, positive goal.

You may already be donating money to do your part—and that’s wonderful. But volunteer your time too, and get out there in your community. When you help others, you quickly learn that you are the one blessed, with something to be grateful for, in the transaction. Never overestimate the power of gratitude.

8. Be Grateful for Your Business

What happened today in the business that made you happy or made you feel enriched? Which client had a breakthrough or made you feel appreciated? Which team member came through for you, or caught a potentially costly mistake?

Don’t be one of the millions who gush about their personal lives and treat their business, clients, and staff as part of the furniture. A little appreciation and gratitude expression goes a long, long way to increase our enjoyment of life in all its facets.

At the very least, finish with a message such as: “You’ve downloaded my nifty [XX ways to XX something”]. If you’ve found it useful, please share it with your tribe.” (Then include your SHARING BUTTONS.)

9. Reframe Your Conversation

Ever catch yourself complaining about someone or something? Ever berate yourself with negative self-talk?

Don’t. No matter how justified the former might be, you hurt yourself when you fall into negative thoughts. Avoid negative self-talk and complaining about others. Instead, focus on positive conversations and direct communication when there is an issue.

10. Forgive Yourself, as well as Others

Forgiveness is a wonderful healing tool, especially when you let go of old griefs and long-standing hurts. It often helps us more than it helps those we forgive. Forgiving does not mean forgetting. You can forgive someone, but not allow them repeat hurtful behavior. You can forgive someone, recognizing they are stuck in a dark place, even when they are not sorry.

Forgiveness is liberating. It is an act; not a feeling … just as you are not your mistakes. You are a whole person who loves and evolves and grows. So, among all the other hurts and humiliations and mistakes you are forgiving, be sure to forgive yourself too.

11. Write Thank You Letters

Think of people in your life who make your life better. Write them thank-you letters … even if you never send them.

Putting in words what you appreciate about the people in your life (past or present) is a wonderful way of creating neural pathways of gratitude in your brain.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed 11 Ways to Express Gratitude – Part 1. Find Part 2 here.

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