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Many individuals feel stuck in their personal or professional lives. Whether they’re battling procrastination, struggling with a lack of motivation, or feeling trapped by negative habits and a limiting mindset, these challenges can be overwhelming. Group coaching offers a powerful solution to these common pain points, providing a supportive environment where individuals can work towards personal growth and professional success together.

ELEVEN11:Mindset+ Signature Group Coaching Program

The ELEVEN11:Mindset+ group programs, take into account the importance of addressing these issues head-on. Our group coaching programs are designed to help participants overcome their obstacles by focusing on habit formation, consistency, and developing a positive mindset. Through a unique blend of Mindset Coaching and practical strategies, our sessions aim to equip participants with the tools they need to make lasting changes.

Flexible Formats

Our group coaching sessions, each lasting 90 minutes, offer a structured yet flexible format catering to in-person and remote participants. This accessibility ensures that everyone can benefit from the program regardless of location. By participating in our ELEVEN11:Mindset+ sessions, individuals will learn how to manage stress, improve productivity and gain skills in emotional regulation, time management, and goal achievement.

Why Join ELEVEN11:Mindset+ Programs

The benefits of joining a group coaching program extend far beyond the duration of the sessions. Participants will develop sustainable practices that promote long-term well-being and productivity. They will learn to foster a positive work environment, enhance their focus and concentration, and build resilience to handle life’s challenges. Our program is not just about immediate improvements; it’s about instilling habits and practices that will continue to benefit participants long after the program has ended.

The Objective

The  ELEVEN11:Mindset+ programs aim to help individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their personal and professional goals. Our group coaching programs are designed to inspire, motivate, and empower participants to create positive changes in their lives. Join us and take the first step towards overcoming your mental barriers and realising your true potential.

1. Goals of Group Coaching

The Benefits of Developing a Positive Mindset Through Group Coaching

Main Objectives

The primary objectives of our ELEVEN11:Mindset+ group coaching programs are to help individuals overcome personal and professional obstacles by focusing on three key areas:

  1. Habit Formation: Developing positive habits that support personal and professional growth. Participants learn techniques to build and maintain beneficial routines that replace negative or unproductive behaviours.
  2. Consistency: Ensuring that positive changes and new habits are maintained over time. The program emphasises the importance of consistency in achieving lasting results, providing strategies to help participants stay committed to their goals.
  3. Positive Mindset Development: Cultivating a mindset that encourages growth, resilience, and a proactive approach to challenges. Participants are guided through mindset coaching techniques that help shift their perspectives and empower them to tackle obstacles confidently.

By focusing on these objectives, ELEVEN11:Mindset+ signature programs aim to create a transformative experience for participants, enabling them to unlock their full potential and achieve personal and professional success. This is not just a program, it’s a journey of self-discovery and growth that can change your life.

How Group Coaching Programs Differ from One-on-One Coaching

While one-on-one coaching offers personalised attention and tailored strategies for individual needs, group coaching brings a unique set of advantages that can enhance the coaching experience:

  1. Peer Support and Collaboration: In a group setting, participants benefit from their peers’ collective wisdom and support. Sharing experiences and insights with others facing similar challenges fosters a sense of community and belonging, which can be incredibly motivating and empowering.
  2. Diverse Perspectives: Group coaching allows participants to gain different viewpoints and approaches to problem-solving. This diversity can lead to more creative solutions and a broader understanding of various issues.
  3. Accountability: The group dynamic naturally creates an environment of accountability. Participants are more likely to stay committed to their goals when they know they are being supported and encouraged by their peers.
  4. Cost-Effective: Group coaching can be more affordable than one-on-one coaching, making it accessible to more people who can benefit from professional guidance and support. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to invest in their personal and professional growth, and that’s why we’ve made our program as accessible and affordable as possible.
  5. Enhanced Learning Experience: The interactive nature of group sessions promotes active learning. Participants engage in discussions, role-playing, and collaborative exercises reinforcing key concepts and skills.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Group coaching sessions provide an opportunity for participants to build valuable connections and networks with like-minded individuals. These relationships can offer ongoing support and potential professional opportunities beyond the coaching program.

Bottom Line

Overall, while one-on-one coaching focuses on individualised attention, ELEVEN11:Mindset+ group coaching leverages the power of community and shared experiences to create a dynamic and supportive environment that drives personal and professional growth.

2. Identifying the Ideal Client

Why You Should Join A Group Coaching Program

Typical Challenges

The ideal clients for our ELEVEN11:Mindset+ group coaching programs are individuals who find themselves grappling with the following pain points and challenges:

  1. Procrastination: Struggling to start or complete tasks promptly, often leading to stress and a backlog of responsibilities.
  2. Lack of Motivation: Feeling motivated and inspired to pursue personal or professional goals can help progress and achievement.
  3. Absence of Positive Habits: Difficulty in establishing and maintaining beneficial routines that support a healthy, productive lifestyle.
  4. Negative Mindset: Battling self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and a pessimistic outlook obstructing personal and professional growth.
  5. Feeling Stuck: Experiencing a sense of stagnation in life or career, with no clear direction or path forward.
  6. Stress and Anxiety: Dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety that impact overall well-being and performance.
  7. Lack of Focus and Concentration: Difficulty maintaining attention on tasks, leading to decreased productivity and efficiency.
  8. Poor Time Management: Struggling to prioritise tasks and manage time effectively, resulting in missed deadlines and unfinished projects.

Who Can Benefit the Most from Group Coaching

Our ELEVEN11:Mindset+ group coaching programs are designed to benefit a wide range of individuals who share common goals of personal and professional growth. Those who can gain the most from participating in our programs include:

  1. Professionals Seeking Career Advancement: Individuals aiming to climb the corporate ladder, improve their performance, and achieve career goals.
  2. Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Those looking to enhance their leadership skills, manage stress, and foster a positive mindset to drive business success.
  3. Students and Young Adults: Individuals transitioning into the workforce or higher education who need guidance in developing productive habits and a growth-oriented mindset.
  4. Employees in High-Stress Environments: Workers in demanding jobs who require effective stress management techniques and strategies to improve focus and productivity.
  5. Individuals Facing Life Transitions: People undergoing significant changes in their personal or professional lives who need support navigating new challenges and opportunities.
  6. Anyone Seeking Personal Development: Individuals committed to self-improvement, seeking to overcome mental barriers, enhance their well-being, and achieve personal goals.

Bottom Line

By addressing these pain points and targeting these groups, ELEVEN11:Mindset+ group coaching programs provide a comprehensive support system that empowers participants to break free from their limitations, develop new skills, and achieve lasting success in all areas of their lives.

Group Coaching Programs

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    3. ELEVEN11:Mindset+ Group Coaching Program Details

    Length of Sessions and Overall Program Duration

    At ELEVEN11:Mindset+, group coaching programs are designed to provide intensive, focused, and practical support to help participants achieve their goals. Here are the specifics:

    1. Session Length: Each group coaching session lasts 90 minutes. This duration is ideal for delving deeply into topics, engaging in meaningful activities, and facilitating productive discussions and interactions.
    2. Overall Program Duration: The program typically spans between 8 and 12 weeks and sometimes up to 6 months, depending on the specific goals and needs of the participants. This extended timeframe ensures that participants have ample opportunity to practice new skills, receive feedback, and make sustained progress. Most programs run between 8 and 12 weeks, with one session per week, providing a balanced approach to learning and application.

    Unique Approaches and Methodologies Used

    ELEVEN11:Mindset+ programs employ a variety of unique approaches and methodologies to ensure that participants receive the most effective and impactful coaching experience:

    1. Mindset Coaching: The primary methodology focuses on transforming participants’ mindsets. By addressing underlying beliefs and thought patterns, we help individuals shift from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. This transformation is crucial for overcoming challenges and achieving long-term success.
    2. Habit Formation Techniques: incorporating proven techniques for developing positive habits and breaking negative ones. Participants learn about habit loops, triggers, and rewards and practice strategies for making lasting changes to their daily routines.
    3. Consistency Building: Emphasis is placed on maintaining consistency in actions and behaviours. We provide tools and strategies to help participants stay committed to their goals, even when faced with obstacles and setbacks.
    4. Interactive Learning: Our sessions are highly interactive, incorporating group discussions, role-playing, and collaborative exercises. This approach enhances learning and fosters a sense of community and support among participants.
    5. Goal Setting and Achievement: We guide participants through structured goal-setting processes, helping them define clear, actionable, and achievable goals. Regular progress reviews and adjustments ensure that participants stay on track and motivated.
    6. Stress Management and Emotional Regulation: Techniques such as mindfulness and cognitive-behavioural strategies are integrated into the program to help participants manage stress, regulate emotions, and improve overall well-being.
    7. Practical Tools and Resources: Participants have access to a range of practical tools, resources, and templates that they can use during and after the program. These materials support applying what they’ve learned and promote long-term success.
    8. Peer Support and Accountability: The group setting provides a built-in support network. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences, offer feedback, and hold each other accountable. This dynamic fosters a collaborative and motivating environment.

    Bottom Line

    By combining these unique approaches and methodologies, ELEVEN11:Mindset+ ensures that participants receive comprehensive and practical coaching that addresses their specific needs and helps them achieve lasting transformation.

    4. The Benefits of Developing a Positive Mindset Through Group Coaching

    The Benefits

    1. Peer Support and Collaboration: Participants benefit from the encouragement and support of their peers, creating a sense of community and belonging. This collective effort can motivate and provide emotional support during challenging times.
    2. Diverse Perspectives: Exposure to different viewpoints and experiences enriches the learning process. Participants gain insights they might not have considered, leading to more creative and effective solutions.
    3. Accountability: The group setting fosters a sense of responsibility, as participants are encouraged to share their goals and progress. This accountability helps keep individuals on track and committed to personal and professional development.
    4. Cost-Effectiveness: Group coaching is often more affordable than one-on-one sessions, making it accessible to a larger audience. This allows more people to benefit from professional coaching without a significant financial burden.
    5. Networking Opportunities: Participants can connect with like-minded individuals, potentially forming valuable professional and personal relationships beyond the coaching program.
    6. Interactive Learning: Group activities, discussions, and collaborative exercises enhance the learning experience. Participants actively engage with the material, which helps reinforce new skills and concepts.
    7. Emotional Regulation and Stress Management: Learning and practising mindfulness and other stress management techniques in a group setting can significantly improve emotional well-being and stress levels.
    8. Skill Development: Participants acquire practical tools and strategies for time management, focus, goal setting, and more. These skills are essential for overcoming procrastination and increasing productivity.
    9. Sustained Motivation: Working in a group towards similar goals can be highly motivating. Seeing others’ progress and achievements can inspire participants to stay committed to their goals.
    10. Long-Term Impact: The program emphasises sustainable practices and habits that participants can continue to use long after the sessions have ended, ensuring lasting benefits.

    How These Benefits Help Overcome Specific Pain Points

    1. Procrastination: Accountability and peer support help participants stay on track and follow through on their commitments. Group sessions provide practical tools and techniques for managing time effectively and reducing procrastination.
    2. Lack of Motivation: The collaborative and supportive environment of group coaching boosts motivation. Seeing others’ progress and receiving encouragement from peers can reignite participants’ drive and enthusiasm.
    3. Absence of Positive Habits: Group coaching emphasises habit formation and consistency. Participants learn and practice strategies to build and maintain positive habits, replacing unproductive behaviours with beneficial routines.
    4. Negative Mindset: Exposure to diverse perspectives and the group’s collective wisdom helps shift negative thought patterns. Mindset coaching techniques and positive reinforcement from peers foster a more optimistic and growth-oriented outlook.
    5. Feeling Stuck: Interactive learning and diverse viewpoints provide new insights and ideas, helping participants break free from stagnation. The program offers structured goal-setting and achievement methods to create clear paths forward.
    6. Stress and Anxiety: Techniques for emotional regulation and stress management are integrated into the sessions. Participants practice these techniques in a supportive setting, reducing stress levels and improving emotional well-being.
    7. Lack of Focus and Concentration: Group activities and collaborative exercises enhance focus and concentration. Participants learn methods to improve their attention and maintain productivity, even in challenging environments.
    8. Poor Time Management: The program’s key component is practical tools and strategies for effective time management. Participants learn to prioritise tasks, set achievable goals, and manage their time more efficiently.

    Bottom Line

    By addressing these specific pain points through the benefits of group coaching, ELEVEN11:Mindset+ empowers participants to overcome their challenges and achieve meaningful, lasting transformation in their personal and professional lives.

    5. Testimonials for Group Coaching Programs


    Testimonial 1:

    “Joining ELEVEN11:Mindset+ was a game-changer for me. The group coaching sessions provided the perfect balance of structure and flexibility, allowing me to work on my goals at my own pace while receiving invaluable support from my peers. The practical tools and techniques I learned helped me overcome my procrastination and develop positive habits that have transformed my daily routine. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to make lasting changes.” – Vali  M., Marketing Professional.

    Testimonial 2:

    “As an entrepreneur, I was constantly battling unproductive habits that were holding me back. The group programs gave me the strategies and support I needed to break these habits and build new, positive routines. The group’s diverse perspectives and collaborative exercises opened my eyes to new possibilities and solutions. I now have a consistent morning routine that has significantly boosted my productivity and business growth. This program truly exceeded my expectations.” – Sally L., Entrepreneur.

    Testimonial 3:

    “I joined ELEVEN11:Mindset+ group program at a time when I was struggling with self-doubt and a negative mindset. The mindset coaching techniques and the supportive group environment helped me shift my perspective and develop a growth mindset. I’ve achieved several professional milestones since completing the program. The skills and practices I learned have had a profound impact on my life. I am incredibly grateful for this experience.” – Amran R., Young Professional.

    Bottom Line

    These testimonials highlight the transformative impact of the ELEVEN11:Mindset+ group coaching programs. By providing practical tools, peer support, and a structured approach, we help participants overcome their challenges and achieve lasting success.


    Supportive Environment

    Group coaching offers a powerful and effective way to address personal and professional challenges, providing a supportive environment where individuals can grow and thrive together. The ELEVEN11:Mindset+ program is designed to help participants overcome procrastination, lack of motivation, and negative habits by focusing on habit formation, consistency, and developing a positive mindset.

    Enhanced Learning Experience

    Through our 90-minute sessions, participants benefit from peer support, diverse perspectives, and a sense of accountability that enhances their learning experience. The practical tools and strategies taught in our program lead to reduced stress levels, increased productivity, improved emotional regulation, and overall enhanced well-being. By participating in ELEVEN11:Mindset+, individuals gain skills that promote long-term success and personal growth.


    Testimonials from past participants highlight the transformative impact of our group coaching program. From overcoming procrastination to developing positive habits and fostering a growth mindset, our participants have achieved remarkable results that continue to benefit them long after the program ends.

    Take Action

    Suppose you’re feeling stuck in your personal or professional life, struggling with motivation, or seeking to develop positive habits. In that case, ELEVEN11:Mindset+ can provide the support and guidance you need to make lasting changes. Join our program and become part of a community committed to personal and professional excellence.

    Take the next step towards unlocking your full potential and achieving your goals. Are you interested in ELEVEN11:Mindset+ group programs? If so, let us know, and we will email you about future group programs.

    Group Coaching Programs

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